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Welcome to the historical adventure website of author Nick Daniels.

We want the site to be useful, a place where you can find information about our novels and where you can discover suggestions for further reading. We hope you'll find it interesting and easy to find your way around. We will be updating it regularly, so do keep coming back to see what's new.

Our hottest news is that our new novel is set in the first battle of the Mexican War in May 1846. It's called Matamoros. The story is about the crossing paths of a head-strong heiress to a New York newspaper fortune (Samantha Swift) whose vengeful Uncle has cast her out because "women don't have a head for business" -- and a dare-devil privateer out to make his fortune any way he can (Stirling Dancer) who treats "Manifest Destiny" as a call to personal opportunity.

This fun book of historical adventure unveils a new perspective of the watershed events on the banks of the Rio Grande that released the divisive forces and inevitable explosion of the American Civil War 14 years later.

Matamoros is fiction but based on is the first of the Swift and Dancer adventure novels.