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(Coming in 2010)

Swift & Dancer and the Mexican War, 1846

Standing between Mexico's mighty army and its seemingly certain defeat of the outnumbered U.S. Army of Occupation are two driven characters determined to turn the first battle of the Mexican war to their advantage. But perils from working behind enemy lines threaten Samantha Swift's challenge to prove herself in her first war as a correspondent -- and risk Stirling Dancer's drive to connive the fortune of his dreams. The hatred and plotting of a traitorous American soldier...the vicious kidnapping of a beloved friend...and the overwhelming numbers of a fierce, determined enemy, threaten to make Swift & Dancer's Matamoros their last hell on earth.

Matamoros Update
(April 2009)

Nick Daniels put final touches on first draft of Matamoros on the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii during spring break, April 2009. "A rip-roaring adventure story with more twists and turns than a roller coaster," the first reader said. Nick is now looking for 10 serious readers to give the edited first draft a critical read and comments.

Advance word on Matamoros...
(August 2009)

"A great read! The fast pace pulls you in and keeps you there. Against a fascinating historical backdrop, you quickly connect with this colorful cast of characters and need to know what becomes of them."
--Marcia Stirewalt, Blacksburg, VA

"What an amazing job youíve done! While itís clearly a labor of love, I bet you had fun with it! I like the story line and looked forward to getting back to the book each time I put it down."
--Elena King, Washington DC

"To say we were impressed by your effort is an understatement. It's obvious how much research and time went into the creation of the story. We thoroughly enjoyed playing a part in the creation of this work and look forward to the final product. Good luck!"
--Nancy & Joe Bono, Windemere, FL

"Congratulations on writing your first of many Swift and Dancer novels. Your list of planned adventures is very impressive. Matamoros is, indeed, a very different kind of novel. I enjoyed reading it, and Iím sure you will find a loyal following."
--Carol Bennett, Evansville, IN

"I really enjoyed your recap of the cast of characters and time line at the end of Matamoros. Reading through them, I relived my connection with the people and events of your story. Samantha Swift inspires me to take more risks in my own life. Nick Daniels has gifted me with a fascinating and exciting tale...I can't imagine how you dreamed it and created it."
--Dolores Purdum, Strasburg, PA

"You chose a fascinating time in American history...and your knowledge of the period showed at every turn."
--Jay & Sandie Richard, Portland, OR